Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Time for simple exercise

Refer your activity book A page 37.

Match steps process of planting with correct pictures.

1. Decide on where are you going to plant your tree.
2. Get a tree.
3. Dig a hole as deep as the rootball and its must be twice as     wide.
4. Use a shovel to loosen the soil and remove the tree from       the container.
5. Place the tree into the hole.
6. Fill in around the rootball with soil.
7. Pack the soil with your hands and feet so that there are no     air pockets. 
8. Make a little dam around the base of the tree as wide as         the hole.
9. Fill it up with water to give your new tree a soaking of             water.

Monday, 13 June 2016

14 June 2016
Last week , Pn Nor Zana decided to replant the plants in our school garden. Balqis, Haziqah, Aisyah, Azim and I were there to help. Azim took a photograph of the garden before we started working on it. 

We want to create a garden that looks ike this : 

Saturday, 27 June 2015

This morning Pn Zana explained to us what we must do to clean the garden :
  1. Put the rocks and stones in the corner.
  2. Stack the pots next to the wall.
  3. Lay the path.
  4. Loosen the soil with the spades or trowels.
  5. Make the flower beds.

Monday, 7 May 2012



Mari kita perhatikan kawasan sekolah atau kawasan tempat tinggal kamu. Adakah kawasan itu sedap mata memandang? apa yang mengindahkannya? Sudah tentu antara jawapan kamu dengan adanya tanaman hiasan.

Sebenarnya tanaman hiasan ditanam bagi menghiasi sesuatu kawasan untuk mewujudkan pemandangan yang ceria dan indah. Tanaman hiasan ada yang berbunga dan ada yang tidak berbunga.

Jenis-jenis tanaman hiasan seperti berikut :-
  • Pokok naungan – contoh pokok tembusu, pokoko beringin , pokok angsana
  • Pokok renek – contoh pokok bunga raya, pokok bunga kertas, pokok siantan
  • Pokok bunga semusim – contoh bunga balung ayam, pokok bunga keembong, pokok bunga matahari, zinnia, kekwa, butang
  • Pokok kaktus
  • Pokok palma – contoh pokok pinang raja, pokok kelapa gading, pokok pinang manila
  • Pokok memanjat atau menjalar – contoh pokok hemigrapis, pokok bunga kembang pagi, pokok bunga ros jepun
  • Penutup bumi – contoh rumput , arachis spp


Alatan di bawah penting untuk menjaga tanaman hiasan :